Get the money you need when you need it
Get the money you need when you need it.

Personal Loans

Whatever your borrowing needs may be, making home improvements, buying appliances, paying for education, taking a vacation, or consolidating debt, University Credit Union is here to help you with low cost loans.

Fast, convenient and flexible - apply now.

When it comes to borrowing, we offer more than just low rates...

  • Simple Interest: We use a simple interest calculation based on the declining principal balance. Your interest charge is recalculated each month based on your balance. As time goes on, more of your payment goes to pay back the principal and less to interest.
  • No penalty for prepayment: We do not penalize you for prepayments or early pay-offs (except for certain conditions with a Home Equity Loan). You can make your payments as scheduled or choose to pay more at any time. Other lenders commonly have hidden penalties.
  • Convenient Payroll Deduction: You don't have to be concerned with making loan payments. With payroll deduction, your payments are automatically made for you.
  • Payment Asset Protection with credit life and disability insurance, is available at low costs to our members.

Personal Loans - Fixed or Line of Credit

This loan has many uses - education, vacations, repairs, bill consolidation, major purchases (appliances, computers) and emergencies. It can be a fixed term with regular monthly payments or it can be a revolving line of credit so that you can continue to borrow up to your limit as you make your payments.

Share (Savings or CD) Secured Loans

By pledging your savings or Certificate of Deposit that you already have in your account, you can obtain the best in loan terms including a lower interest rate. You also have the benefit of keeping your savings intact and continuing to earn the regular dividend rate on your entire savings amount as you make your monthly payments. When the loan matures, you still have your savings or Certificate of Deposit!

Personal Loan Rates

Loan Type


Annual Percentage Rate

Personal Fixed Loan

Up to 60 months

As low as 15.99% ** (Max $20,000)

Personal Line of Credit


As low as 15.99% * (Max $20,000)

Certificate Secured Loan

Up to 60 months

5.5% over share/certificate rate (Max. $100,000)

Share Secured Loan

Up to 24 months

5.5% over share/certificate rate (Max. $100,000)

* Credit criteria apply. 


*Share Secured Loan Example: $10,000 loan at 5.50% APR with 60 monthly payments of approximately $191.01

*CD Secured Loan Example: $10,000 loan at 5.50% APR with 36 monthly payments of approximately $301.96

*Personal Loan Example: $10,000 loan at 15.99% APR with 60 monthly payments of approximately $243.13

Rates, Terms and Offers are subject to change without notice.  Not all applicants will qualify for the lowest rate.  Rates quoted assume excellent borrower credit history.  Other eligibility requirements may apply. 

**As low as rate includes applicable discounts of Premier Member(.15%), Existing Direct Deposit (.25%), Automatic Payment(.25%), Existing Auto Loan with Credit Union(1.00%), Rates are fixed for the term of the loan.

Monthly University Credit Union loans are calculated using the Simple Interest Method. Interest is calculated on the monthly unpaid balance. Monthly payment amount based upon maximum term. Quoted rates and terms shown may not apply to every borrower. All Credit Union loans are subject to approval and are granted based on individual creditworthiness, the ability to repay and your credit score. Terms and Rates are subject to change.

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