Sign-up and receive alerts (text or email) that you want to receive!  Protect your account by knowing when your University Credit Union Visa Debit Card is being used!*


Log into: .com

Click on “Check eligibility”.  This will make sure that your Visa Debit card is eligible for the service.

Enter the first nine digits of your Visa debit card number.

It will then tell you if the card is eligible and ask you to create an account.  Follow the steps.

You can choose which of the following alerts you want to receive.  And you choose how to receive them – either by email, text or both!! The alert options are:

• Alert me when a purchase meets or exceeds this amount: (enter your choice)

• Alert me when my card is used outside the United States.

• Alert me when a purchase is made online or by phone.

You can add other VISA cards to your profile – simply follow the instructions.

* applies only to transactions routed through VisaNet, including Interlink and Plus Networks.



Did You Know?

University Credit Union is pleased to announce that as 10:30am September 13, 2017 all e-services including e*branch and mobile e*branch have been restored.  We appreciate your patience while we worked with our service providers to get these system back online.  We would also like to confirm that this outage was solely caused by Hurricane Irma and no systems were ever compromised.