Here are some important things you can do, to protect yourself from debit card fraud:

    • Check your account online on a daily basis to watch for any suspicious activity.

    • Make sure each purchase and transaction is legitimate.

    • Identify and report suspicious transactions to University Credit Union immediately.

    • Sign up for email/text alerts - VISA PURCHASE ALERTS.

    • Sign up for e*branch and mobile e*branch banking to monitor accounts.


If you suspect fraud on your debit card, visit Visa Debit Lost/Stolen/Disputes

Did You Know?

**BEWARE! Do Not Respond to Suspicious Text Alerts** - University Credit Union is aware of a recent Smishing (SMS Text phishing) attempt to many of our members.  The content of the text includes the following information, "MSG: Your card has been temporarily locked.  In order to unlock please call security staff at 1-888-283-0480" Click here for more information.