Here are some important things you can do, to protect yourself from debit card fraud:

    • Check your account online on a daily basis to watch for any suspicious activity.

    • Make sure each purchase and transaction is legitimate.

    • Identify and report suspicious transactions to University Credit Union immediately.

    • Sign up for email/text alerts - VISA PURCHASE ALERTS.

    • Sign up for e*branch and mobile e*branch banking to monitor accounts.


If you suspect fraud on your debit card, visit Visa Debit Lost/Stolen/Disputes

Did You Know?

BECOME A CREDIT UNION VOLUNTEER! As a member, you can play an important role in your credit union by volunteering to serve on the Board of Directors or Supervisory Committee.  If you would like to become involved and are a member in good standing, please send a brief resume before January 31, 2018.