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Member Testimonials

See what our valued members have to say about our Member Service


Mr. Welch,

My wife and I have been members of University Credit Union for 23 years. We both teach at FIU - main campus. Your staff at the FIU branch has always been competent, professional, and courteous. But I am emailing to let you know what a great job Ms. Judy Kilburn did in procuring for us a new car.

We are now the proud owners of a brand-new Toyota Prius C.

Our old car broke down suddenly, and we needed a new car fast. Ms. Kilburn got us exactly what we wanted, with no hassles -- over price, extras, etc. She was on top of everything and very responsive to my phone calls, emails, texts, etc. Our other car is 8 years old with 110,000 miles on it. So it is likely that we will need another new car relatively soon. When we do, we will contact Ms. Kilburn again.

So, I recommend that you continue to maintain your relationship with American Chariots.

And thanks to the University Credit Union for providing this service.


All the best,


Dear Barbara,

I have been with the UCU for 13+ years now and have to say your people are fantastic. I just completed a somewhat complicated auto sale transaction with the help of Aura at the Red Road branch, Nellie in Title, and Debrah in the Wire Department deserves a compliment as well. They were very helpful in assisting with the sale of my financed vehicle to the buyer from Oklahoma who used a wire payment, knowing that time issues were a problem.

Aura put me in touch with Nellie who was very patient in explaining the frustrating electronic lien release process. When the wire came in and the loan was paid off, Nellie sent the email to the state right at closing to help with the time delay issue. All this done in a very courteous manner. Refreshing.

Again, just want to thank you and your staff for the great personal service. No, I am not going anywhere and will continue to use UCU for more of my banking needs. My best.


 Dear University Credit Union Team,

Thank you so much for all the hard work you did for my husband and me. I can't say enough about your incredible dedication and professionalism to get our closing done. I always felt in good hands and actually cared about!!

Our experience with Bank of America was so horrific that I had lost faith in any financial institution. The three of you changed my opinion. UCU is an extraordinary company because it employs genuinely competent and caring people like you.

Even though I no longer work on the medical campus and even though BoA is more conveniently located, I will be moving all my accounts to UCU. It has been a delight working with you all and that is where I want my money to be!

Thanks again for your support, your professionalism, and for treating me like a friend, not a customer.

Please share this with your supervisors/managers.

Warm regards,


 Dear Mr. Welch and Ms. Adderley,

It is with joy that I write this note to you about Doris. I did not want her good deed to go unnoticed.

Earlier today I was having a short fund issue that unfortunately caused me an overdraft fee. Doris went out of her way to ensure that I would have the right amount of funds transferred to my checking account to avoid extra overdraft fees and I was frustrated. All while she was handling other callers and clients, and the regular stress of her job. Her customer service practice is impeccable as well as she is pleasant and efficient. She is a resourceful problem solver.

I want to thank you and the Credit Union for having her as an employee. The ambiance is better when I walk in and she is sitting at her desk. I remain always



 Dear Mr. Welch,

I wanted to write you to tell you about Elayne, your employee at the Call Center. Elayne is a true asset to the UCU. She tracked down an AFLAC Cancer Care claim direct deposit that no one else at the UCU - including the Accounting Department, was able to find. She is a professional, caring and compassionate employee and deserves recognition by the UCU Administration. She took the time to listen to my story and acted immediately to resolve the mystery of the lost money.

Please let your administrative group and Elayne's direct supervisor know how fortunate you are to have her working at the UCU. I will be forever grateful to her.




See what our valued members have to say about buying a new car using American Chariots


Dear Mr. Welch,

I’m sure you receive many emails, especially on a Monday morning, but I’m hoping this one makes it to the top of your list.

I wanted to share what a positive experience I had with the recent purchase of my new car, a Lexus NX. When I decided to check out the current rates, my first stop was University Credit Union, where I’ve had an account since my college days and have financed a car in the past. I filled out the online form and the next day I received a call from a very friendly loan representative. Valerie Henry extended very courteous, personalized service, and made the utmost effort to help me secure the best new car loan for my needs. Once approved, I learned of American Chariots, the auto brokerage service. I’d never used a broker before, but Valerie shared that many UCU members had had a positive experience, so I decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did!

As a busy professional, it’s difficult to spend hours shopping around for a car to try to get the best deal. Judy Kilburn made the process pain-free and even enjoyable. I also appreciated the seamless communication between her and Valerie. It made things so much easier for me and now I’m enjoying my new car, ordered and delivered to my exact specifications. I also appreciate Yesenia, who made sure that all my paperwork was in order on signing day.

Mr. Welch, I hope you will share this note with your team. In a world where speed and efficiency often surpasses great customer service, it was important for me to take the time to recognize my great experience with these ladies. Please thank them again on my behalf.

A very happy UCU member,



Dear Mr. Welch,

I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that recently I purchased my third car through the University Credit Union (UCU) and American Chariots (AC). I have worked with the team of Michael Cook (UCU) and Judy Kilburn (AC) for all three purchases and have always received superior service and special attention. They are the best!

Thank you,



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