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Visa Debit Card

It's the Convenient Way to Pay!

The University Credit Union VISA Debit Card works just like a credit card, except the amount is deducted from the available funds in your checking account. No waiting for check approval -- present your card, sign the receipt, and you're on your way! For easy record-keeping, you'll get a receipt at the time of purchase, and every transaction will be listed on your checking account statement.

It's everywhere 

The University Credit Union VISA Debit Card is accepted wherever you see the VISA Logo accepted here signage - millions of locations worldwide!

It's safer

The University Credit Union VISA Debit Card is safer than carrying cash.

It's two cards in one -- your ATM Card and your Debit Card

Using your Personal Identification Number (PIN), your University Credit Union VISA Debit Card also functions as an ATM card at any ATM displaying the VISA, Accel, PLUS, STAR, CU24, Exchange, Accel or Presto! logos.

You can also use your debit card with your PIN at most Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals, such as grocery stores and you can even get cash back at a number of locations!

Transactions at University Credit Union ATMs are always free with a University Credit Union Visa Debit card. Foreign (non-UCU machines) ATM withdrawals are free for the first 4 per month; thereafter, the fee is $1 for each additional withdrawal until the next month begins.

To report lost or stolen VISA Debit/Check Card, call 1(800) 472-3272 and press 2.


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