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Stress Less, Travel More


Traveling can be fun, but it can also be stressful.  Here are a few ideas to help you stress less and travel more.  Remember while you may be on vacation, the crooks are not!
Lighten your load

  • Prior to the trip clean out your purse or wallet
  • Remove all unnecessary cards or other items
  • Make sure nothing remaining  includes your social security number 
  • Keep a side list of the items you are taking in case they are lost or stolen 
  • Keep this list in a separate location from your purse or wallet


Be very cautious in tourist areas

  • Crooks love these areas for purse snatching or card skimming
  • A Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) card included in the holder with your credit or debit cards will help to foil the skimmers  

Steer clear of public or shared computers 

  • These computers can contain software to steal your information
  • If you must use one, don’t input any personal information, user names or passwords 

Do not take your checkbook 

  • Checks offer the criminals loads of personal information such as name, address, routing number, account number
  • Checks can also be very easily forged
  • Use your plastics, you should always have your #1 card, University Credit Union Mastercard and a back up card. 
  • You can use a University Credit Union VISA Gift Card as a backup if it fits your needs. 

Know who is calling your hotel room 

  • One scam is a call to your room that is from a purported desk clerk saying there is a challenge with your room reservation and needing your credit card number.  If this occurs immediately hang up and call the front desk.  If it is okay you can move forward.  If not let the true desk clerk know what has happened. 

Be cautious of fliers slipped under your hotel room door 

  • Fliers barking local food fare or “things to do” could be bogus
  • The fraudsters will encourage you to call a number to order and then take your credit card number. The result will be dirty deeds by the crook. 

Be wary of “public” Wi-Fi 

  • Wi-Fi offered in any pubic place is suspect
  • Make sure the offered Wi-Fi is from the establishment you are visiting.  Many times crooks can be luring us to a bogus site to steal information or infect the computer.
  • It is quite possible that the information sent through a Wi-Fi channel can be compromised and accessed by other Wi-Fi users
  • If you must use a public Wi-Fi, don’t input any personal information, user names or passwords and make sure to log off after use. 

We hope these tips are useful.  Travel well, be safe and follow these simple rules to make your trip a little less stressful.

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