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Signing up for e*branch:

These are the main services you can use in e*branch:

Account Summary

This screen will show you a summary of all of your accounts and loans at University Credit Union, and will give you balances and available balances for each. If you wish to see the details of a particular account or loan, click on that suffix. The transactions for the current month will show on your screen, with date, details, transaction amount and balance.

If you wish to see transactions from previous months, choose the month from the scroll-down box. Our account histories will go back six months. (If you need history that is older than six months you can view your e*statments or call 786-425-5000 for assistance.)

Transfer Funds

You may transfer money from one of your University Credit Union accounts to another or make a loan payment. Choose the suffix you wish to transfer from and then choose the suffix you wish to transfer to, then type in the dollar amount you wish to transfer. If this amount is not available, the transfer will not be confirmed. Once your transfer has been successfully made, you will see the "transfer result" screen showing the details of the transfer and a confirmation number for your records. 

Withdrawal (By Check)

If you wish to make a withdrawal by check, you can have a check cut from your share, checking or money market accounts, (checks from savings or checking must be a minimum of $25, and money market is a required minimum of $500.) Choose the account suffix from which the money is to be withdrawn and type in the amount of the check. Checks will only be made out to the primary member of the account, and the check will be mailed to the address on file.

View Statements and Checks

Access you e*statements for the past twelve months. You can view, print or save your monthly statements at anytime.  You also can view checks you have written that have cleared your account.

Account Preferences

You may change your password, reset your password, change your security settings and assign nicknames to your accounts all from within e*branch at your convenience.

Bill Payer Solution

If you wish to enroll in our Bill Payer solution you can do it through e*branch, by selecting the Bill Payer option from within the Transactin Menu.  After reviewing the Terms and Conditions, click on the "Accept Bill Payer" button. Follow the on screen instructions and you'll have free use of this fantastic bill payer service! Bill Payer Features Include:

  • Online Bill Payer is Free!
  • Recurring Payments so you can make the same payment over and over again but you only have to enter it once. You can set it up weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, last day of the month or quarterly.
  • You can view the Payment History of all your payments.
  • You can pay anyone in our merchant list (currently over 220,000 merchants). If a Payee is not on our merchant list you can submit them to be added, this normally takes 14 days for a payee to be verified so you can start making payments.
  • Receive electronic bills - no paper!
  • Setup reminders for when bills are due.

Our security is the best available
e*branch has a high level of encrypted security. Your transactions are secure, and you are assured of this every time you log into e*branch because if you look on the bottom right of your screen, you will see a little lock. This lock means that your transactions are securely encrypted.


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